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About BCR
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Who is BCR?

Business Communications Resources, Inc., commonly known as BCR Communications is a Maine-owned company founded in 1991 to bridge the gap between the needs of the business community and the ability of telecommunications companies to identify and respond to those needs. We specialize on the delivery of a variety of telecommunications products and services to include digital and VoIP telephone systems, voicemail systems, computer-telephone applications, and the installation of data, voice and video cabling.

BCR’s foundation is built from more than 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Much of that experience is from working at AT&T, with responsibilities as complex as the management of three New England states. We know the telecommunications business and want to put that knowledge to work to help you. All BCR technicians are factory certified and fully capable of supporting the complex needs of our customers.

We truly focus on bringing value to your company. Our efforts to apply technology to address specific customer needs has brought BCR two National Awards for applications development. Our applications work and sustained success for many years was the foundation for being selected two times as one of the "Top 100 Interconnects" in the country. We really do work very hard to do the right thing for our customers. We hope to have the opportunity to serve your business.

Mission Statement & Vision

It’s about People! The people of BCR will always be our greatest asset. It is through their individual commitment and collective skills that BCR will deliver the highest possible quality of service and advice to our customers. We will serve our customers, as if we were a loyal employee on your staff.

It’s about Solutions! We are committed to delivering unique systems and solutions that must add value to our customer’s business. Our first job is to perform extensive product evaluations to insure BCR is offering only high quality reliable products to our customers. These products will combine with our knowledge and skills to create customized solutions that deliver unique benefits for our customers.

It’s about Value! BCR will blend the commitment of our people with our products and services to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers. We will always be a "Value-Based" service provider for our customers. You deserve no less!

It’s about Customer Relationships! There is no compromise in our commitment to developing long term strategic relationships with our customers. We must always be conscious that our primary purpose is to help our customers succeed in their business.  

“Our people will always work
to exceed our customer’s expectations"

"Team BCR"

Taking pride in a job well done. We understand the delivery of high quality reliable service starts with a corporate culture that is focused on the continuous development of our people. Our culture is built upon our personal pride in the service we deliver to our customers, for they are our partners.

This will be the creed of "Team BCR".

We must understand the meaning of "partnering with our customers" and the trust that is the foundation of any "partnering relationship". And we must use the strength of working as a team to deliver our services in a professional and friendly manner.

We will work to exceed our customerís expectations, and as we perform our duties we must always be sensitive that we are within a customerís work environment. We will work hard for our customers, but as hard as we work, we will always take the time to spend a few moments to say hello, and just let you know we appreciate being your telecommunications technology provider and friend, your partner.

Adding Value

Vision:    BCR views each customer as having a unique set of requirements that must be addressed to help you be successful in meeting your goals. We understand that for many customers, the telephone system is the "front door" to their customers. We know how important quality communications is to your business.

Understanding Your Business:   We want to understand your business so we can customize our solutions to bring improvements to your daily operation. We are very confident we can help to make every day a better day in your business with our easy-to-use designs.

Planning & Installation:   We use our initial understanding of a customer's business as the foundation for "design discussions" with you or your staff to create a system design to meet your specific needs. This design is given to our technicians to build your system. Each installation process is specific to every customer's work environment. Our technicians are very aware that you have to conduct business while they are preparing for the final change over to your new system. We work hard to make the installation process as seamless as possible. Our technicians take great pride in their quality of work, and they look forward to meeting new customers.

Training:   Each customer training session is personalized for your needs. Your system must be "easy-to-use", but it is only easy to use if your employees understand how it helps them in their job and how it benefits your customers. Training doesn't stop when the training sessions are over. As time passes people will need help. The IVX system solutions we provide have a "Help key" on every phone to allow your employees to get help at any time at the touch of a button. However, please don't hesitate to give us a call at any time if we can be of personal assistance. We expect our solutions to make your day a better day, and we work hard to make that happen.

Customer Care:   We are in the business of understanding a customer's needs and helping them meet their business goals. The only way this can happen is if our employees understand the important dependency you have on their efforts to serve you. We combine this "consciousness of our mission" with strong customer support procedures to provide the highest quality of customer support available. Our support of your needs doesn't stop with our employees. It also depends on our relationship with ESI, the manufacturer of the systems we provide. We enjoy a very strong relationship with ESI, and they are always ready to assist a customer if we need their help.

Recognition & Awards

The people of BCR work very hard to do the best we can to help our customers and our strategic technology suppliers. During the past 13 years BCR has been recognized on many occasions for our excellence in work quality, customer service, applications development, and BETA testing of new products. Our recognition extends from our early years and continues to the present time. The following is a listing of our accomplishments.

Local Recognition

Time Warner/Road Runner :    Our daily business operations depend on integrating two IVX systems together using special VoIP technologies. We use Road Runner as our path for the connection. When Time Warner heard of how we applied this technology they recognized how unique this was and asked BCR to be featured in a Road Runner commercial. You may have seen BCR on your television.

Maine Medical Association Endorsement:   BCR was submitted to the MMA for consideration as their "Endorsed Affiliate" for providing telephone systems to their members. The acceptance of BCR came after careful review of our customer focus, methods of operation and the quality of our solutions. 2005 is our third year as the MMA's endorsed affiliate.

Interface Business News :   In 2004 BCR worked with Lamey-Wellehan to address their communications needs between their various stores and the headquarters operation. This project resulted in the installation of an IVX E-Class telephone system using VoIP technology to create seamless communication between all locations. This application was featured in the June 2004 edition of Interface Monthly Magazine.

National Recognition

Two Applications Development Awards :    BCR has received two national awards for applications development that addresses specific customer requirements. Our "MEDS" Medical Emergency Dispatch System substantially improved emergency response for rural hospitals, while our "RMRS" Rapid Mortgage Response System was deployed at the largest residential mortgage company in New England to assist realtors to obtain mortgages for clients 7 days a week. BCR is very focus on using the IVX "All-in-One" telephone system to address specific customer needs.

Twice Named One of the "Top 100 Interconnects":    BCR has twice been selected as one of the "Top 100 Interconnects" in the country by Teleconnect Magazine. This is a special recognition that is awarded after reviewing thousands of applications and evaluating various criteria. We applied for this award twice and have been recognized both times. BCR is the first Maine-based company to ever recieve this prestigious award.

ESI Dealer Recognition

ESI "Gold Level" Quality Award:    BCR is very proud to receive the distinction of being named a "Gold Level" Quality Dealer by ESI. This is a very difficult to achieve, and results from ESI Quality interviews with new customers following every new IVX system installation. The ESI Quality Program is a very important tool for ESI to measure the quality of IVX dealers in serving their customers.

ESI Dealer Council:    BCR is honored to be one of a select few dealers nationally to be invited to join ESI's Dealer Council. In this capacity BCR provides field input to the evolution of new product offerings and programs that directly affect our customers.

ESI "BETA" Test Dealer:    BCR is one of 6 primary BETA test dealers that works with developers and engineers to provide direct product testing and evaluation for emerging technologies such as the evolution of new features, VoIP services and Computer-Telephony Integration. Our continuing efforts with ESI developers have resulted in the selection of a BCR technician to be ESI's primary field deployed BETA test technician.


BCR is very proud of our commitment to serving our customers. In our 13 years of service we have never seen such a satisfied customer base as our IVX system customers.

We understand that the true value a customer receives is based on a combination of high quality value-added products, customer-focused procedures and a corporate culture that is genuinely commited to doing our best to serve our customers. We are proud of our people, and we encourage you to ask our customers how they feel about our people. Please call Brad at 207-883-8000 x100 for a list of references.




How To Contact BCR

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