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BCR's Commitment

It starts with a commitment to "quality without compromise". Before we offer you a product we take the time to select only those products that offer you the best value for your investment. We strive to develop a system design that adds value to your business operation, and we will deliver your solution using only high quality installation procedures. Our goal is to form a long-term relationship as your dedicated service provider. Itís really about doing the best we can for those we serve, our customers.

Thatís the "Team BCR" way!


The Family of Systems

ESI's Communication Server and IP Server product familys offer the finest in telephone system technology available for small to mid-size businesses with requirements for 2 to 800 phones. That's a very bold statement, but we are confident in saying, "there are no other systems like them". Let's take a look!

"The All-In-One" Patented Technology Platform:  Your telephone system's capabilities begin with the design of its core architecture. This becomes the basis for feature development and sets the stage for the integration of the features and functions of your phone system. The key to ease-of-use begins with how well the core technology platform is designed. When ESI first introduced the IVX product line, it's patented All-In-One platform was so unique the IVX earned the very prestigious "Product of the Year" award from the industry's top two magazines.

Ease of Use:   When you buy a new telephone system it must add benefits to your business that give you a great return for your investment. The key to your "return on investment" is a function of the application of system features that meet your specific business requirements and how easy they are to use. ESI's systems are the easiest systems to use we have ever seen.

Special Features to Meet Your Needs:  This extremely unique "All-in-One" system offers Verbal Help to assist you in using the system features, Voicemail built right into the core of the platform, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Enhansed Caller-ID services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Unified Messaging and Phone Enhancement Software, Service Observation over VoIP, Presence Management/Access Control, and over 120 other features, including numerous patented features only found on ESI Systems.

Quality of Manufacture:   ESI is a certified ISO 9001 company. All ESI system components and phones go through very rigorous testing procedures before they are shipped for installation. BCR will bring an ESI system to your business so you can see the quality directly.

Visit the ESI Website!!ESI combines the latest technologies with a very powerful software-driven platform to create a cost-effective solution for your business. Imagine yourself wondering how a certain feature works (sound familiar?), just press the "Help key" and allow the system to tell you all you ever wanted to know. The built-in User Tutorial and Verbal Help key make this system the most user-friendly system available.

We invite you to learn more about the ESI product line at:



Cabling Services

Your cable infrastructure is the path that connects all of your users to the systems and technologies that manage your business. Typically, you donít see the cabling because it is hidden in the walls, floors and ceilings, but it is very important to the long-term performance and reliability of your technologies.

BCR specializes in voice and data cable infrastructure planning and installation. All products are of the highest quality and reliability, and we use extreme caution to select cable routes that minimize exposure to outside forces that could corrupt data and voice transmissions. You will find our installation procedures to be very professional, and our people to be very considerate of your work environment.


Other Products

BCR offers a variety of additional telecommunications products to help you with your business needs. Below is a listing of general products. If you have a need and don't see the product listed below, please contact us directly so we may help you further.

  • Headsets - cordless and corded types
  • Overhead Intercom/Paging Systems
  • Cordless Phones
  • Line Sharing Devices
  • Cell Phone Amplification Systems